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Sincerely by Courtney Sheinmel

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Eleven year old Sophie Turner lives in Manhattan and attends an all-girls private school, but some difficult changes have left her feeling very lonely. When Sophie's best friend, Jessie, suddenly rejects her for a faster crowd and the Turner family begins to break down, Sophie's only source of comfort is the distant voice of her school-assigned pen pal, Katie.

Eleven year old Katie Franklin lives in California, and she thinks life is perfect. When she and her best friend, Jake, spearhead a charity project for earthquake victims in Mexico, Katie couldn't be happier. But when Jake starts paying attention to another girl, Katie get jealous, and does some things she isn't proud of at all. No one at home understands her, but she does have one friend she can open up to--her pen pal, Sophie.

Two realistic, gentle novels in one about dealing with transitions and divorce, friendship and jealousy, Sincerely looks at the enduring power of friendship--even from miles away.

What people are saying:

"An affecting portrayal of family and friendships in flux, and of the heroines' burgeoning self-knowledge and confidence." - Publishers Weekly

"Sincerely is two lovely books in one. Sixth-graders Sophie and Katie become pen pals through a school program. Sophie lives in New York City, while Katie lives in California. In Sincerely, Sophie, the epistolary friendship commences. Sophie is going through a rough time, as her parents are divorcing and her best friend has deserted her for a group of more popular girls. In Sincerely, Katie, Katie plans a big fundraiser for earthquake victims in Mexico. Her letters cover this event and her family problems. Furthermore, she struggles as she watches her best friend, Jake, pay more attention to another girl. It is this bi-coastal friendship that helps each girl through stressful times. The novel puts a positive spin on tough situations, illustrating that good things can, and often do, happen in the midst of adversity." - Sarah K. Allen, Elko Middle School, Sandston, VA, School Library Journal



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